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“The service I have received from enquiring about the sim card, to receiving the sim card and setting up the sim card has been nothing but excellent. 5 plus stars from me. I would highly recommend”

Trusted by 10,000+ UK parents and carers for:


Providing a mobile phone at an earlier age is the best way to teach responsible usage. The controls built into ParentShield make it safe for all children of any age but typically our service is most suitable for children aged 6 – 12

Out of the box we block all anonymous calls, to, or from the child’s phone.


If you are in a part of the country where mobile signals are poor, you would benefit from a true Roaming SIM that will connect to the strongest signal from multiple carriers.

ParentShield SIMS are particularly recommended for use where children may otherwise lose signal and need to call home.


ParentShield is a contract SIM that is totally capped. Any activity – such as SMS shortcodes, MMS, Premium Rate Numbers, Directory Enquiries etc. are Completely disabled and cannot be re-enabled!

No ParentShield user has ever created an unexpected bill, and never will.

Special Needs

Some phone users need more protection on their mobile phone. ParentShield is perfect for these special users. To accommodate older users we can provide tariffs that will be more appropriate for their specific needs.

Call us on 03301221180 for a chat.


Occasionally there are people who need to be unable to call the children in our care. ParentShield has sophisticated caller checking and blocking technology to keep users safe.

Blocked calls are not redirected to voicemail, or alerts which then remains as a vector for bullying or inappropriate contact.


Children’s homes, care providers, boarding schools, fostering providers all use ParentShield’s Pro SIMS to provide mobile phones to their Young People safely, with a host of special configurations and settings for use by corporate parents.

Call the Care Team on 03301221180 for details. Packages at:

All Network SIM

All-Network SIM

ParentShield SIM cards and eSIM attach to multiple UK networks, and use the strongest signal. Simply put – no network provides better coverage because we combine the coverage of networks to protect our valuable users.

Ultra Secure – Call Blocking

The strongest blocking capabilities possible. Block absolutely everything and add chosen numbers to an allow-list, or block individual callers’ calls and texts with a single click instantly and without needing to touch the phone.

Ultra Secure
Unlimited Calls Home

Unlimited Calls & Texts Home

ParentShield SIM cards have two “Home Numbers” that can be called, or texted, at any time, even if the user has run out of minutes or texts. Children should always be able to call or text home. Home numbers can be Landlines or Mobiles.
If data has run out (Safe Stage 2 or above), a simple button press will add ample more for location apps or instant messaging free of any charge.

Record All Texts

ALL text messages are recorded & stored in an online account for you to review.

Record all Texts
Record All Calls

Record All Calls

ALL calls are recorded & stored in a secure online portal for you to listen to & download.

Spending Controls

ALL opportunities for extra spending are permanently blocked. Overspending is impossible!

Premium rate SMS, premium rate phone numbers, charity donations, telephone voting, ‘pay by phone’ subscription services are ALL blocked and will never be available.

Spending Controls
Time Controls

Set Bedtime and after that time the ParentShield SIM can’t call, text, or use mobile data. The only exceptions are for the emergency ‘Home Numbers’ and Emergency Services.

Budgeting Controls

Turn on our unique Data Budgeting feature to provide a daily data budget so data will always last all month.

Instead of being able to use a whole month’s data allowance in one go, you can spread it out evenly.

Budgeting Control
Word Alerts for Child SIM

Detailed Alerts

Be alerted instantly by text message to YOUR phone should a message to or from your child’s phone contain any concerning words or phrases, or even if your child starts communicating with someone you don’t know.

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